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A Brief Look at the History of Concrete

concrete history, murfreesboro concreteConcrete is far and away one of the most popular construction materials today, but people are often surprised to learn that concrete has been around for centuries—or at least materials that closely resembled modern concrete and would help shape the material commonly used today. Ancient cement was composed of crushed and burned gypsum or limestone combined with sand and water. This plaster-like mortar was used to adhere stones together and create a hard, protective surface. Over thousands of years, these materials were improved upon and the mixtures were refined and perfected until it ultimately morphed into the concrete used today in building and construction projects of all kinds.

You don’t have to be a concrete historian to appreciate the look and performance of modern concrete, nor do you have to be an expert installer to have a concrete surface built around your home or business. Concrete contractors in Murfreesboro are able to install concrete foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces you need.