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Spotting and Preventing Damage to Your Concrete Foundation

Concrete slabs in Murfreesboro are not infallible, so you might find yourself dealing with damage. In order to protect your concrete installation and minimize your household hassle, you should know how to tell if your concrete is in trouble. You might notice uneven flooring throughout your home or workplace, cracking bricks on the inside or outside of your foundation, or doors and windows that no longer work properly. Keep reading for a closer look at spotting and preventing damage to your concrete foundation.

Uneven Flooring

One common sign of damage to your concrete foundation is uneven flooring. If you walk around your house and notice that your floor slopes in a way that it didn’t before, your foundation might not be as sturdy as it should be. This can occur when water seeps into the ground and affects the composition of the soil surrounding your foundation, and this water can come from the weather, a hose, or a sprinkler system. Be careful when watering your garden, and make sure your home has a working drainage system to remove water and direct it away from your building.

Cracking Bricks

If you notice cracks on either the outside or inside of your brick home, you might be dealing with a foundation issue. As the soil moves under your foundation and it loses its balance, your brick might lose the support it needs in order to stay in place. This can result in cracking and should be looked at sooner rather than later.

Malfunctioning Doors and Windows

When your concrete foundation becomes damaged, your doors and windows might not work the way they typically would. Since a damaged concrete foundation can throw your home off of its alignment, doors and windows might not line up with their corresponding doorframes and window frames properly. Take note any time you have trouble closing or opening a door or window and consider if your foundation might be the cause. Call your concrete specialists so they can determine if the shifting of your foundation has caused these problems as well as help you solve them.

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